Time Capsule

Lauren Kelly-Washington Written by Lauren Kelly-Washington Aug 01, 2020 · 2 mins read
Time Capsule
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We are all going to want to remember this unprecedented time in our lives…so why not encapsulate our 2020 Vision? To bring closure of our time togehter, Pod 2 placed and ceremoniously sealed the following into this box: small objects or photos of objects, a log book of information of daily life and an assortment of letters self written and contributed by loved ones. What a treasure to view in the future! Check out the objects and the stories:

Brandon N’s Objects

The reason why I picked this hat as one of my pictures because I got it for my birthday and it was one of the best birthday presents. The second picture was my iPad because I really one just in case the phone dies. I took a picture of my ps4 because sometimes if I don’t want to play on my phone or iPad just play with my friends on the ps4. hat iPad PS4

Frances S-C’s picture of a friend

The reason any I put the picture with me and my friend was because we movies away but they gave me that picture as a gift but hen I left a year after she got brian cancer and so the picture is very important because I know she will always be my best and when I visit her she can not see me because she is blind now but is still best friends, so that is why that picture is so so so important to me. picture

Ivy’s S’s bear

I used to play with him a lot and he made me happy. bear

Kimora G’s Bracelet

I got this one Christmas and it was the same as my cousin’s. We don’t have a bond anymore, but this will help me remember when we did. bracelet

Alexis R’s Lamey

I got Lamey for Christmas at my dad’s house and he let me bring it home to my mom’s house so I had a little piece of his house with me all the time. lamey

These time capsules have been signed, sealed and delivered into the future and will not be opened until 2027 or 2030!

Lauren Kelly-Washington
Written by Lauren Kelly-Washington
Lauren Kelly-Washington is founder and director of BLiS* Moves™ *(Body Language is Somatic), an organization offering a variety of somatic movements & ethnic dance as well as music offerings from the African Diaspora. She has a reputation as an open and loving teacher who is gifted in the art of inviting her students to explore their innate joy and full potential. Musically, Lauren has performed solo, and with ensembles – including a capella women’s group,Inkululeko, and African soukous band, Tamasha Africana. Her CD, With Open Arms, is a solo exploration of her collaborative work.