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The Impact of COVID-19

Written by Aidan B Jul 08, 2020 · 1 min read
The Impact of COVID-19
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COVID-19 has impacted my life in many ways. Having to be stuck in the house all of the time, spending too much time with my siblings and no time with my friends was only a few bad things to happen. Having my parents for teachers and doing everything online was another. Missing out on my graduation from fifth grade and not getting to go on my first weeklong camping trip as a Boy Scout was also a big disappointment. However there were also some fun things that I got to do, that I probably wouldn’t have if we weren’t stuck at home; like setting up a tent in our living room and camping in one weekend. My family and I played a lot more games, watched more movies and new tv shows, and we made a lot more blanket and pillow forts than we ever have before. We have also done a lot of art projects like painting canvases and rocks, making bracelets, making stuff out of boxes and huge chalk art in our parking lot. Having to stay home for months and now having to wear masks everywhere I go has been an impact that I have had on the world. By doing these two things I have helped limit the spread of the coronavirus. Even though I miss my friends and cousins, sports and scout stuff, I have had fun times with my family. I just hope everyone else will keep wearing their masks and be socially distant and safe to protect themselves and each other.

Written by Aidan B