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Created by Frances S-C Jul 14, 2020 · 1 min read
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Who would it tough we are going to live in a historical moment? I have only heard about some other awful thing in movies, book or adult conversation…. but will never imagine I will be living something like COVID-19. My parent keeps saying we are “SAFE” as long as my brother and I follow the new SAFE rules in our house. NO play time with our friends, NO get together, NO sport practices or games, NO party with our parent’s friends, NO going to the park in hours that we usually go, NO Girls Scout, NO sleepovers, NO birthday celebrations…etc.
Been SAFE in this situation is definitely not easy. But I rather be SAFE and healthy. We have been more creative around the situation. Now I have other passion beside volleyball…I make home pizza with my dad and I bake a new recipe every week with my mom. My brother and I got to spend more time together. I got my room painted. So…. been SAFE….is not that bad when you have your family around.

Created by Frances S-C