2020 Vision

The 2020 Arts Mentorship Academy Poetry Journal

Shadow in the Dark

by Carter B

were in a
theres no
escape its just a
against time
no telling when
you might get it
just run run run
away from time cause eventually
your gonna get it
so seclude yourself
for the sake of the world
so don't bare this weight
on your light weight
and if theres ever a time
don't be a mime
speak up
let your voice be heard
I cant come near you but
I can still hear you
so let your voice be known
cause theres always a way
to find your shadow in the dark

In the Morning

by Kayla W

In the morning I meet my best friend, we like to dance in my room.
In the morning the mail comes in after my friends leave.
In the morning I eat breakfast then go to school.
I love the morning!

Earth, Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall

by Alexis R

      In Winter imagine blue eyes and white eyelashes.
In Summer the pretty mermaids with there bright green
eyes float around the globe laughing.
In Spring twenty-seven fairies giggle at purple flowers
floating though the air.
In Fall we get giggly over funny pumpkins from the living
room sofa.
Earth , Winter , Summer , Spring and fall


by Collin S

I know that I’m not an ordinary kid
If I found a magic lamp and had one wish just one
I would wish that people wouldn’t notice my face
I do ordinary things like play Xbox
But my family doesn’t see me as ordinary

What Makes Me Happy

by Maya M

My family makes me happy. My family makes me happy because they take care ofme and comfort me when I'm sad and lonely. My family also makes me happy because we go on trips together, go shopping, and we like to play family games with each other.

My Quarantine Story

by Caiden Q

My life in quarantine is good because I get to spend time with my little brother. We play video games, nerf gun battles and workout. Sometimes, I go to my grandpa's house to play in his pool. Last week I went and it started raining so we had to go inside. I also went to the grocery store with my mom. I brought my money and my football mask.. I also went to the mall with dad to get new phones. I got an iPhone 10 :-)

Positive things about Covid - 19 affects my life and others because they are able to go workout and practice the sport they play (if they play a sport). Another reason why positive things about Covid - 19 affects my life and others because you can watch T.V. all day. Also you can spend time with your family and celebrate your birthday. I learned that staying inside required washing your hands and don’t invite so much company to your house. When you go out, wear/bring your mask. Also when you go don’t touch anything that you are not supposed to touch because it probably hasn't been cleaned properly.

Over the pandemic I have been working out and doing football drills. One thing that makes me happy is football because it is fun. Another reason why I like football is because I like running and catching the ball. Also football can get you stronger by running and at practice you push a giant dummy to workout your legs.

COVID-19 Impacts

by RylanJoy S

It has impacted my life by making it not safe to high-5 my friends or be close to people that are not my relatives. I will continue wearing masks and 6 ft apart, we always have to wash my hands so the virus won’t be so bad in the future

Thankful 😊

by RylanJoy S

I am thankful for my mom.

  • My mom is the best (and only) mom I ever had
  • She is a great cook
  • My mom almost always gets to hang out with me since I don’t have school and she doesn’t have work./li>
  • She loves her family

Words of Feelings

by Luzecita M

I was really bummed, Christopher moved away three day ago.
We used to spend hours playing with action figures and lightsabers, and looking for snacks in the kitchen.
Wow it was great cased closed.


by Luzecita M

The first thing i'm thankful for my family they are very nice,loving,they always believe in me. The second i'm thankful for is all my friends because they are always there for me when i'm sad and they are very funny. The third thing i'm thankful for is my house, without living in a house I would be homeless. Last but not least i'm thankful for all of my toys and electronics, without all of my toys and electronics I wouldn't really have that much things to do in Covid-19.


by Matteo I

we will need to stay home to make sure until then we cant go out without a cure,
Covid 19 made me nervous in school but it is all okay its all cool

Queen of The Town

by Isabella S

Washing our hands
Making new plans
Staying at home
Watching "The New Band"
Getting closer to our families
Wishing for new discoveries.
Wash, wash, wash
Wash, wash, wash
Stay six feet apart
I like big bear hugs
But now I have to wear a mask.
We can't go to school
But we should learn our best
We should also stay active
And walk everyday.
Corona-Virus might have a crown
Washing our hands
Making new plans
Getting closer to our families
I am hoping for new discoveries.

The Bug House

by Imamah S

In the bug House
I used a tin can, paint markers, and a cardboard type of straw.
I am going to hang it outside on a tree with a rope.
But I haven't done that yet.
The bees or bugs will lay there eggs in the straws!🐣


by Frances S-C

Who would it tough we are going to live in a historical moment? I have only heard about some other awful thing in movies, book or adult conversation…. but will never imagine I will be living something like COVID-19. My parent keeps saying we are “SAFE” as long as my brother and I follow the new SAFE rules in our house. NO play time with our friends, NO get together, NO sport practices or games, NO party with our parent’s friends, NO going to the park in hours that we usually go, NO Girls Scout, NO sleepovers, NO birthday celebrations…etc.

Been SAFE in this situation is definitely not easy. But I rather be SAFE and healthy. We have been more creative around the situation. Now I have other passion beside volleyball…I make home pizza with my dad and I bake a new recipe every week with my mom. My brother and I got to spend more time together. I got my room painted. So…. been SAFE….is not that bad when you have your family around.


by Isabella S

I am thankful to have a roof over my head,
I am thankful for getting opportunities that will help me when I am older,
I am thankful for my family because they always support me,
I am thankful for my mom because she loves me and is always there when I need her.

What I’m Thankful For

by Aidan B


by Carter B

To much time,
focused on
Go out of the lines
and focus on
If you can’t look forward
To see your future
Look up and
see God
For he is
with you
even with sins
Of are past
His faith in me
will always
My faith is
Strong for all that
Is holy
With God’s
Grace I will
for Jesus
Died on a cross by nail
All are sins were washed away
But Jesus paid the price that day
my faith is strong
In him my creator
I owe him
The biggest favor.

What I Love

by Aidan B