Generated Poems

Dana McQuillian Written by Dana McQuillian Jul 19, 2020 · 1 min read
Generated Poems
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The following were written by students of Pod 6 during a generative poetry workshop.

by joey

Sodden summertime
A white, gigantic silk falls
in spite of the shoes

by dana

Foggy evenfall
A heavy thistle sleeping
in spite of the flag

by nina

dork central combine
an immortal cheetah
before the water

by kayla

Im trying to catch up on what we’re doing but I dont know what’s going on

by kaylee sisk

Tedious mountain
A small, goofy pebble sleeps
watching the flower

by kaylee sigai

tedious came down
a fancy turkey waddles
by the sand castle

by kayla

in the morning my friends come, we like to dance together.
In the morning the mail comes when my freinds leave.
In the morning I eat breakfast. I LOVE the morning

by kaylee sisk

Hearty wintertime where a persian, right king drools watching the boyfriend
Breezy afforest when hippopotamus sleeps in spite of the wolf
Darkening sand dunes where a common, light fly crawls in spite of the pen
Magical summer A hog, scary pen slithers an alligator

Dana McQuillian
Written by Dana McQuillian
Dana McQuillan loves to create things and to inspire others to do the same, especially children! When not making stuff, she likes to hunt for fossils and other treasures. She lives with her husband, two daughters, a Beagle and a Maine Coon in Arnold.